Ankara, Turkey – In the statement of the Ministry of National Defense, it was stated that “No lawlessness and bullying will be allowed in the region!”

The following statements were used in the statement of the Ministry of National Defense:

Strong, Stable and Powerful!

The frigates and corvettes of our Naval Forces are resolutely continuing their duty of escorting / protecting the Oruç Reis research ship, which continues to work in our jurisdiction areas in the Eastern Mediterranean. No lawlessness or bullying will be allowed in the region!

Vice President Fuat Oktay said the following about the recent situation in the Eastern Mediterranean:

The “Mediterranean Storm” exercise, which was carried out with the participation of our Turkish Armed Forces and the TRNC Security Command, has started in the TRNC as of today. Along with diplomatic solutions in the eastern Mediterranean, the security priorities of our country and the TRNC are indispensable.

I wish success to our heroic soldiers, who are representative of our steel will and guarantee that the Mediterranean is a sea of peace, against those who try to squeeze Turkey into the Gulf of Antalya and ignore the Turkish Cypriots.