Ankara, Turkey – “We strongly condemn the Armenian attack, which is a clear violation of international law and led to civilian casualties,” said Marine Lieutenant Colonel Sebnem Aktop, Press Public Relations Publicity Officer at the Ministry of National Defense. Armenia must immediately stop its attacks, send back the mercenaries, terrorists it has brought from abroad and immediately leave the territory of Azerbaijan it has occupied,” she said.
NDM Press Public Relations publicity officer Marine Lieutenant Colonel Sebnem Aktop said that Armenia, which occupies 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory, came under intense fire with heavy weapons in Azerbaijani positions and settlements, violating the truce in front of the world on September 27, after the attacks in Tovuz on July 12 and September 21. Children, women, elderly Khojaly massacre 30 years ago, engaged in Armenia in the same way interfere with the peace and tranquility in the region, indicating Aktop, “which is a blatant violation of international law condemning the Armenian assault, which led to civilian casualties. Armenia must immediately stop its attacks, repatriate mercenaries and terrorists it has brought from abroad, and immediately leave the territory of Azerbaijan it has occupied. PKK-YPG terrorists who cooperate with Armenian terrorists targeting innocent civilians should leave the area immediately. Otherwise, as always, they will be disappointed again. Armenia’s baseless claims against it, which are not based on any evidence that Turkish aircraft and UAVs/SIHA were used, do not reflect the truth. Indeed, these allegations have not been taken seriously by anyone but their own supporters. In addition, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have recently shown to the whole world that they have the opportunity and ability to achieve victory on their own, the perseverance and determination to save their occupied territory. We want to emphasize once again that we will be with our Azerbaijani folk song brothers, who use the right of self-defense to protect their people and territorial integrity with all our means, and fight to win back their own land, as before, and after that. We wish Allah’s mercy and condolences to all the Azerbaijani people to our Azerbaijani folk song brothers who were killed in the attacks of Armenia,” she said.

Aktop stated that the Turkish Armed Forces are resolutely continuing their struggle against terrorist organizations at home and abroad in order to ensure the security of Turkey and the nation, “in this context, our operations against the PKK terrorist organization in the north of Iraq are continuing. As with all our neighbors, We respect the territorial integrity of Iraq. But we are also committed to stopping attacks on our country from Iraq. Our goal is to neutralize terrorists in the region and ensure our border security. As September January 01, 2020, 953 terrorists have been neutralized as a result of successful operations against the terrorist organization, 128 of which were carried out in September. As a result of claw operations in the north of Iraq, 347 weapons of various types/sizes and 133 thousand ammunition belonging to these weapons have been seized so far, 703 mines/EYPS have been identified and destroyed, and 823 caves/shelters have been rendered unusable. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of terrorists who have surrendered to the security forces and fled the organization. Operations will continue with determination until the last terrorist is neutralized in order to maintain the dominance of the area gained in the following period and to ensure the security of the border from the future,” she said. Aktop said a large number of materials had been seized and neutralized as part of the fight against terrorism.

Aktop stressed that the Turkish Armed Forces will continue to protect the rights and interests of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Eastern Mediterranean, and guarantee peace and security in accordance with international guarantees and alliance agreements on the island of Cyprus, “six meetings were held between the Turkish-Greek delegations in September under the chairmanship of the deputy chairman of the NATO Military Committee to determine measures of military non-conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean. As a result of the meetings, a common understanding of the ‘general principles’ was reached. Reducing tensions in the eastern Mediterranean, together with the positive finding of the interventions and cooperation in NATO and the Eastern Mediterranean, continental shelf and the protection of our sovereign rights, our authority; Marine jurisdiction in accordance with international law, fair and equitable limitation; in the region of the island of Cyprus the Turkish Cypriots as an equal partner rights, protecting the interests of relevance and is based on our policy we want to emphasize once more that,” she said.

“As a result of struggling with within the scope of FETO investigations, issued July 15, 2016 312 than 20 thousand personnel in total so far, 3 thousand 798 personnel about the judicial and administrative process is continuing,” said Aktop, “FETO combat related institutions that may be obtained in coordination with the new information, in the light of documents and data will be continued with determination,” he said. Aktop stated that the fight against the epidemic continues without interruption in all other activities of the TAF, such as operations, exercises and personnel supply, “many factors such as the path of transmission of cases, the way of detection, the distribution of status, as well as the number of civilian cases in garrisons are studied instantly, point and dynamic measures are taken immediately and decisively according to the state of spread. With the measures taken, the TAF is one of the armies with the least number of cases compared to other armies of the world. The Turkish Armed Forces, which are ready for action with their effective, deterrent and respectable qualities, are determined and determined to achieve all kinds of tasks entrusted to them with faith, patience and sacrifice for the defense and security of our country,” she said.