Ankara, Turkey – “We have to make changes to our Greece policies,” said Cindoruk, the former Speaker of parliament. He recalled the Lausanne Treaty and added: Turkey should announce that it will confiscate Islands and cliffs in the Aegean.

Husamettin Cindoruk, president of the National Center and former president of the parliament, assessed the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“Now that Greece has escalated the crisis to such an extent that it will send troops to the island of Meis, we also need to make some changes to our Greek policies,” Cindoruk said.

Cindoruk also suggested that the 12 armed Islands, which should have unarmed status, could be requested by Turkey and that a policy should be followed in this direction.

“Our foreign policy, which seems to be at odds with everyone, must be immediately reviewed and reorganized on the basis of national interests,” Husamettin Cindoruk also defended the following views.:

  • Turkey should turn to a new policy stating that it will not recognize that these islands remain under Greek sovereignty, and therefore should be given to it, unless the arms on the islands whose sovereignty has been granted to Greece are immediately terminated, provided that they remain in unarmed status in the Treaty of Lausanne.
  • Initiatives should be made on all international platforms, including the UN, and given a period of time if necessary.

Turkey is conducting seismic research in the Mediterranean on the ship Oruç Reis. Greece is escalating tensions in the region.

  • If Greece avoids negotiations on all islands and rocks whose sovereignty was not granted to Greece by agreements and should therefore belong to us, Turkey must declare that it will confiscate these islands and rocks.
  • If Greece insists on not directly negotiating all problems in the Aegean with Turkey, it should be declared that Turkey will take action to protect its rights and interests.
  • In the Cyprus issue, the name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) should be changed to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus by declaring that the negotiations with Turkey and the TRNC for federation purposes have been terminated and that the next solution parameter is only two independent/sovereign states.
  • It will be appropriate to regulate our relations with Egypt based on the national interest and to draw Egypt closer to us by moving away from the policy that supports Greece.