Beijing, China – China’s State Council Member and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China is on Turkey’s side in all areas and that cooperation between the two countries should be improved.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Chinese State Council Member and Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke on the phone.

During the meeting, Cavusoglu also congratulated China on successfully controlling the Covid-19 outbreak and praised China’s achievements in Vaccine Research and development.

Cavusoglu, who believes that the vaccines developed by China are safe and effective, noted that Turkey will provide these vaccines quickly, and said that his country aims to strengthen cooperation with China in this context.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said the Turkish side sees the coming year, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and China, as an opportunity to deepen cooperation with China and develop bilateral relations.

Wang also noted that China and Turkey have been working closely since the beginning of this year on the supply of medical materials and third-phase clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine, sharing their experience in fighting the virus.

At this time, when the second wave of the epidemic has spread all over the world, China intends to continue to stand by the people of Turkey until Turkey defeats the epidemic, Wang said.

According to him, Turkey’s decision to buy the Chinese vaccine reflects confidence in China, Wang noted that China is ready to help Turkey at any time when it is necessary.

“Mutual political trust is the basis of the strategic cooperative relationship between the two countries,” Wang said.

He added that the leaders of the two countries have also repeatedly exchanged views on this issue and agreed on mutual understanding and support on important issues with each other’s core interests.

China and Turkey share common concerns about fighting terrorism and maintaining national security and stability, Wang said, adding that both sides should oppose obvious “double standards” in fighting terrorism.

East Turkestan Islamic Movement is considered a terrorist organization by the United Nations Security Council underlines Wang, China and the struggle with this group are the responsibility of all countries to develop deeper cooperation with Turkey on combating terrorism, he said.

Cavusoglu, who stated that Turkey is also a victim of terrorism and opposes the politicization of all forms of terrorism and the fight against terrorism, also noted that his country will strictly adhere to UN Security Council resolutions defining relevant international terrorist organizations. Cavusoglu said the Turkish side would not allow anyone to jeopardize China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.