Ankara, Turkey – Challenge to Med7 countries from Turkey. European countries react sharply to ‘Eastern Mediterranean’ declaration.

The Eastern Mediterranean declaration issued by Med7 countries, including Italy, Spain, Portugal and Malta, received a very harsh response from Turkey. Foreign Affairs Spokesman Hami Aksoy said the statement was biased, detached from the facts and lacking legal basis.

Med7 took action against Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean. European countries, led by France, which wants to own natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean alone, continue their proxy war over Greece to eliminate Turkey.

The French President, Emanuel Macron, has sought the support of other European countries.

Med7 countries gathered
Greece, the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Malta met on the French island of Corsica.

The controversial meeting, hosted by France, discussed recent tensions between Turkey and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Statement issued: We are on Greece’s side
The scandal, in which Med7 met against Turkey, was decided against Turkey, as expected at the summit. A controversial statement signed by Med7 countries after the meeting said that Europe is on the side of the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus and Greece.

Harsh reaction from Turkey
Turkey’s jet responded to the brazen statement, which has no legal basis. “The statements in the statement are as detached from the biased tensions as they were last year and lack legal basis,” foreign ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said.

“In order to reduce tensions, it is essential that Greece withdraw its military ships around our Oruç Reis research ship, support NATO’s separation initiative, stop arming the Eastern Aegean islands, including Meis, and end its recent growing pressure on the Turkish minority of Western Thrace. ” he said.

“In order to dominate dialogue and cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece should sit at the table with Turkey without preconditions, and Greek Cypriots should cooperate with the TRNC, which is the co-owner of the island, including revenue sharing for the exploration and operation of hydrocarbon resources., the EU and other countries that have signed this declaration should abandon their unilateral and biased positions, which they blindly follow under the guise of solidarity in violation of international law and the acquis. When solidarity is justified, it is done with the right. There is no solidarity with the unjust.” said.