Paris, France – French President Macron reacts to Charlie Hebdo insults The United Nations also called for respect for religions, stressing that insulting beliefs incites hatred

French President Emmanuel Macron and several French officials have responded to the defense of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, which has insulted Islam. Miguel Angel Moratinos, High Representative of the UN Alliance of Civilizations, called for mutual respect for all religions and beliefs and the promotion of a culture of peace. Examples of satirical cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad induced increased tension of deep and intolerance expressed its concern, Moratinos insults to religions and religious symbols inciting hatred and violence and the polarization in society by sacred cause breakage, he said. Moratinos stressed that acts of violence should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group.

Reactions to Macron’s practices targeting Islam and Muslims continue to come from his own country.

“The prejudice of racists and haters has never been more legitimized by the media and right-wing politicians,” said Manon Aubry, a French member of the European Parliament (EP). Aubry shared the view that” secularism is not an excuse to spew hatred at Muslims in the morning, noon and evening.” A reaction to Macron also came from economics professor Thomas Piketty. “It is immoral for politicians to use terror for their own benefit,” Piketty said.

Palestine: At grocery stores in Israeli-occupied Eastern Jerusalem, French products have been removed from shelves.
Montenegro: Islamic Union President Rifat Fejzic said the source was Macron-led France, stressing that Muslims were facing a new wave of anti-Islamism.
Russia: Mufti Albir Krganov, Head of the Muslim religious Assembly, said Macron’s statements were “damaging,” adding: “This politics is a challenge and provocation against Islam.”
Iraq: In the city of Kirkuk, Macron and some of the rulers were killed by the Prophet Muhammad. The convoy was organized in response to his position targeting Muhammad.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Those who gathered at the’ Salaam ya Rasulallah ‘ event reacted to France.