Edirne, Turkey – After Bulgaria abolished the quarantine process as of September 1, Bulgarians who came to Edirne for daily shopping began to flock to pharmacies in Edirne in recent days, after the number of coronavirus cases in their country increased.

Bulgarian visitors who bought boxes of aspirin, which some scientists have suggested would be good for the virus with its ability to prevent clotting, have also doubled sales at this point.

Aspirin has run out of 100 milligram forms of the drug in pharmaceutical warehouses, as Bulgarian tourists have increased their demand for aspirin. Bulgarian informative posters were hung in the pharmacies.

“They buy 5, 10 boxes “Bulgarian visitors recently took aspirin in 5, 10 boxes, said Sukru Ciravoglu, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Edirne Chamber of pharmacists,” we need to recognize that the quality of drugs produced in Turkey today is undeniably high. We produce world-class drugs. We have to state that. We are a reliable country in pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. That’s the impression on the outside. Arrivals are also taking from Turkey, saying they are very confident.” said.