Ankara, Turkey – Bora is a tactical ballistic missile developed by Turkish company ROKETSAN. Export version is called Khan. It has 610 mm diameter, a length of 7.8 m, a total weight of 2500 kg, and 280 to 360 km maximum range. It uses GPS and inertial guidance and its launcher is mounted on a VOLAT 8×8 truck. It carries a 470-kg high-explosive or fragmentation warhead. Accuracy is 30-50 m CEP. It was tested and entered service in May 2017. Bora-2 version with a longer range is under development.

Khan Missile provides accurate and effective fire power on strategic targets within the battlefield.

The missile can be launched from 8×8 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle, ROKETSAN MCL (Multi-Caliber Launcher) Weapon System and other platforms with compatible interfaces.

Potential Targets
• Targets Located with High Accuracy
• Artillery and Air Defence Systems
• Radar Sites
• Assembly Areas
• Logistic Facilities
• C3 Facilities
• High Priority Targets

Combat Proven
7/24 All Weather/Terrain Usage Capability
Ready to Fire
Low Collateral Damage
Long Range Highly Accurate Precision Strike Capability
Anti Jamming/Anti Spoofing Solutions
Technical Specifications
Diameter 610 mm
Weight 2.500 kg
Guidance Global Positioning System (GPS) + Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Aided
Intertial Navigation System (INS) or INS Only
Control Aerodynamic Control with Hydraulic Actuation System
Propellant Type Composite Solid
Warhead Type High Explosive with Blast Fragmentation
Warhead Weight 470 kg
Fuze Type Point Detonating and Proximity
Accuracy (CEP) ≤ 10 m GPS + GLONASS Aided INS
≤ 100 m INS Only