Brussels, Belgium – At the European Union leaders summit, radical maximalist demands were not of interest. France, Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration once again did not get what they wanted through conspiracy and blackmail. The request for heavy sanctions and an arms embargo was not accepted. Thus, the EU leaders’ summit threw the Blackmail Trio Diplomacy‘s arrogant demands into their faces.

Another effort by Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration to get Turkey to accept its maximalist claims with the support of the European Union (EU) has failed to achieve its goal. Turkey-EU relations were discussed at the EU leaders ‘ summit in Brussels the previous day, but Greece, the Greek Cypriot Administration and France’s demands for radical sanctions failed to find support from the EU. Diplomatic sources said that at the summit, it was underlined that the problems should be solved by dialogue and international law, and a decision was reached to increase cooperation with Turkey on economic, trade and migration issues.

At the summit, where French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to cut financial aid to Turkey, suspend the customs union and an arms embargo, Greece also demanded the termination of IPA funds allocated by the European Fund to Turkey, the suspension of European Investment Bank loans for the private sector, and the exclusion of Turkey from R & D projects such as Erasmus, Jean Monnet and Horizon. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the EU should not react to Turkey’s policies on the Aegean, Libya and Karabakh. Merkel stressed that a positive agenda should be created with Turkey.

A statement issued after the summit also claimed that Turkey continued unilateral steps and provocations and increased its rhetoric against the EU. Reacting to these statements, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the biased and illegal attitude that is known not to be adopted by most of the EU, especially on Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean and regional issues, but was forced to be put on the results of the 10 December 2020 EU summit under solidarity and veto pressure.