Ankara, Turkey – The Naval Battle of Navarin (October 20, 1827) was a naval battle between the Ottoman and Egyptian navies; and the British, French and Russian navies acting together. This battle is also referred to in Ottoman history as the Navarin event, the Navarin Raid or the Navarin disaster.

Britain, Russia and France made a treaty between them, asking for independence for Greece. Sultan II. Mahmut refused this request, a fleet of the Russian Navy from the Baltic Sea, which joined the British and entered the Mediterranean. The Russian-British ships were also joined by the French fleet. The allied navy of France, Britain, Russia, under the command of British Admiral Codrington, launched a naval operation against the forces of Kavalali Ibrahim Pasha in Egypt. During the Peloponnese rebellion, Ottoman and Egyptian ships were located in the port of Navarin. The allied navy laid siege to the Port of Navarin. Admiral Codrington, on behalf of the Allies, demanded the withdrawal of Ottoman and Egyptian troops from Greece. That was not accepted. The allied navy off Navarin, claiming that their goal was not war, wanted to enter the port.

The Allies had a total of 22 warships, but most of them were large warships (the allied navy had 10 armored and 10 frigates with a large caliber, against this, the Ottoman Empire had 3 Armored and 17 frigates with a small caliber, and the rest of the Ottoman navy consisted of small ships (Corvettes and sailboats)). In addition, the captains and crews of Allied ships had gained significant combat experience in the Napoleonic Wars. The Ottoman-Egyptian forces are given 78 warships (if transport ships are not counted) as 60 ships or 36 ships according to other sources. On 20 October, they entered the Port of Navarin in friendly weather.

Ottoman and Egyptian ships ramped each other in the shape of a crescent, they were in three rows. Allied ships entering the port began to look for excuses for war. They wanted the fireship moved. When they were not accepted, they started the war, claiming that they had been fired upon by Egyptian ships. The sudden fire of the Allied ships continued for three hours.

In the Blue Homeland, Turkey remembers its heroic marine forces with solemn and mercy, who witnessed for the sake of the rights and interests of Turkey. Turkey has a modern strong navy to protect its rights and interests in the Blue Homeland.