Baku, Azerbaijan – “Before Armenia began its attacks on Azerbaijan, Russia offered to negotiate. Our foreign ministers have gone to Geneva, and this meeting will be held in Moscow in cooperation with the OSCE. OSCE co-chairs should set out their views. It’s all a communication about negotiations. Ankara is now on the table, Turkey is one of the member countries. In addition, there is a country in the geography of the South Caucasus and a fraternal state with Azerbaijan. As with each format, it may be safer to look at these places in the format of Turkey and Russia. Both Moscow and Ankara are neighboring and fraternal countries. It is also in the interest of brother Turkey and Russia to have peace here. As for information cooperation, solving this 30-year-old situation in Karabakh can be an important step and provide security in the long term.

“There are cases such as the replacement of our martyrs”
The status quo has changed against Armenia’s attacks on Azerbaijan. If there are also high-level, presidential-level negotiations, Azerbaijan, Russia and sister Turkey can be a continuous process in such a format. After conversations take place at the table, other military situations can be looked at. Currently, the operation is ongoing, there is also discomfort from the countries of the world, the EU. There are also cases where our martyrs are replaced, because there are martyrs who remain on the military fronts. We will see whether Armenia will continue the occupation or whether there will be other progress. Words from Aliyev’s aide: Our Army trained in Turkey

“Our army received training in Turkey”
There is a wide military situation between Turkey and Azerbaijan. The Turkish Armed Forces have made a great contribution and our army has received training in Turkey. The Bayraktar drones also showed themselves effectively in the skies of Azerbaijan, fighting terrorism. It has an activity that demonstrates strategic superiority. He can face harm to civilians. As in all areas, we have cooperation with Turkey on military and technological issues.

‘I would like to thank the Turkish press’
I would like to thank the Turkish press, they have done this on the fronts and on the battlefields, taking an effective role in announcing the right of Azerbaijan to the world. How will the world accept this, sometimes there are those who still try not to hear it. When we hear what Armenia is saying, there are those who are blocking our ears. We treated each church with respect to the Christians of the world. Unfortunately, there is propaganda here, false news.

‘They even put pigs in mosques’
For example, it is called’ the missile fell here’, but it has never even touched the icons. They also use the feelings and religious feelings of the world’s Christians. They did not hesitate to destroy the mosques and masjids of Azerbaijan, they even placed pigs in the masjids. As our president said, We do not have a case with the Armenian people, we have a case with the situations that their politicians implement. If they want to live under the independence of Azerbaijan, we are ready to give all kinds of support.

“We are ready to live with the Armenian people”
We see photos of the city of Gabriel, where 100 thousand people lived in their time, they didn’t stay stone by stone, they destroyed everything. There is a need to create a life again. We’re gonna make it. Let the lands be freed from occupation, Azerbaijan will have built a beautiful city there in a short time. We do not see any crime in civilian people, we are ready to live with the Armenian people. By not looking at the characteristics and difficulties of the war, Azerbaijan showed its military humanity by helping an Armenian lady. If Armenians see and kill children, women, old people, our attitude will be different. Our people have great expectations. Our activities continue in all areas. Propaganda is being carried out against our country, but every war requires negotiations behind the table. But we will continue our same achievements in front of the table”