Baku, Azerbaijan – “Our problem is not with the Armenian people, but with the Armenian administration.” Attacking civilians, opening fire, attacking civilian cities with ballistic rockets is considered murder,” Aliyev said., He said. “Turkey is our sister country. The flag of Turkey is as saint to us as the flag of Azerbaijan.”Turkey’s clear attitude, Mr. President, my brother, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statements, support for Azerbaijan, support from Turkey, the words ‘Azerbaijan is not alone’ have further increased the conversation with Turkey., ” he said.

Here are the lines from Aliyev’s remarks:

The incapacity of the Armenian army and the murder of the political rulers of Armenia. Attacking civilians, opening fire, attacking civilian cities with ballistic missiles is considered murder.

On the battlefield, Armenia sees that it cannot stand in front of us, it is losing the war. Attacks on civilians can’t stop us.

Our problem is not with the Armenian people, but with its administration.

Our cause is not with the Armenian people. Our case is a case of rights.

Azerbaijan has never attacked civilians. Thousands of Armenians live in Azerbaijan, they are our citizens.

Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh are also our citizens.

Armenia is committing war crimes.

We’re collecting evidence of war crimes. Unfortunately, in the period before that, international society has remained silent on this war crime against Azerbaijan and our people. The Khojaly Massacre is a massacre carried out in front of the eyes of the world.

More than 1 million refugees take part. The international community has not acted.

They match the occupiers and the landowner.

It’s murder to set our city on fire with ballistic missiles.

These calls should not be just cease-fire calls. Sanctions should be imposed on Armenia. These problems would not have happened if sanctions had been imposed. It’s not supposed, it’s ambitious. But unfortunately that didn’t happen. This process did not produce results for nearly 30 years. It’s lost its meaning now. Recently, Armenia has suffered a blow with aggressive movements and words.

We always accepted the Minsk Group as a group. Co-chaired countries must remain neutral. The Armenian Lobby is strong in these countries. It also affects their governments. Armenians in these countries are organized and apply black propaganda to Azerbaijan.

They’re taking sides. Accordingly, we have said our word. No side should be held. Let them take steps for this problem, and solve this problem, and then declare a ceasefire, a long-term peace.

(Macron) has made unsubstantiated accusations against us.

Our problem is to ensure our territorial integrity.

There are several reasons for black propaganda against us. Azerbaijan is engaged in independent politics around the world. We have not been a tool in the hands of other countries, we will not be. If we look at the developments of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan is on the right path. Azerbaijan today is recognized as a respected country worldwide.

Some countries look at Azerbaijan from above. But we didn’t allow it. One of the reasons for the pressure on us is that we do independent politics. We don’t stand by anyone’s word and bow our heads. When these problems began, they immediately started black propaganda against us and took action. They tried to muddle us.

International media institutions mostly side with Armenia and spread false information. I thank the members of the media of brother Turkey. These days, he’s giving the world the facts about war. Bombed cities, dropped missiles. Information given by Turkish media institutions is more fair.

Armenia must be stopped. Armenia is a terrorist country. During the first Karabakh War, dozens of terrorist attacks were carried out against us. Armenian terror is famous in the world. It must be accepted by the world.

Among the three co-presidents, Russia is the only country that neighbors us. Russia and I have historical relations. In the present period, Russia’s relations with Armenia and Azerbaijan have been improved. There is no problem.

Iran supported Azerbaijan’s right policy. 1-2 days ago, the official leaders of Iran made statements, ‘God willing, the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan must be ensured and the refugees must go to their own territory’ was said. That’s a fair explanation.

USA is also co-chairman of the Minsk Group. I have not had contact with Trump. His top officials reported his ideas. Of course, America is like a super-state, expressing its thoughts on this issue.

Armenia is trying to target and control our energy infrastructure.

In Azerbaijan, many nations live together as families. UN states and other international organizations confirm this. Thousands of Armenians live in our country, they are our citizens. After this war, the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh will live with us. Azerbaijan is a multi-national state. That’s our advantage. Armenia, on the other hand, is one of the rare countries around the world. 99% of Armenians live. Armenia is a mono-state, a racist state. No citizen of any country lives there. Either they came out themselves.

Made a very big difference. Few countries in the world have this situation. Turkey is one of them. Having these opportunities makes it easier for us. It saves the lives of our people and our soldiers. If it wasn’t for these, those tanks and cannons that were immediately shot down could have caused loss of life for us. It gives us an advantage and prevents loss of life. Excellent technologies.

Turkey is our sister country. The flag of Turkey is cherished to us as the flag of Azerbaijan. Of course, Turkey’s clear attitude during this conflict, Mr. President, my brother, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statements, support for Azerbaijan, support from Turkey, the words ‘Azerbaijan is not alone’ further increased the conversation with Turkey.

There is no second country that supports Azerbaijan as much as Turkey. It’s our great fortune.

(Pashinyan) his initial messages were positive, but he was invading.

They need to get out of the occupied territories.