Baku, Azerbaijan – Azerbaijani President Aliyev said: “We want no bloodshed.Get off our land. We’ll take our land. I want them not to miss this historic chance,” he said.

Aliyev, in an interview with Russian Channel 1, made statements about the clashes that began in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan due to the Armenian attacks. “If they commit fraud after the Moscow talks, they will regret it themselves. We’ll take our land. We want peace, let me get through,” he said.

“The Armenian side does not implement the UN resolutions, ignores them and tries to freeze the process in every way. When Armenia implements the resolutions of the UNSC and withdraws from the occupied territories, the two sides can soon reach an agreement that will ensure peace in the Caucasus.”he made his assessment.

Aliyev noted that the international community, including the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, has previously made statements that the status quo on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue is unacceptable.:

“These explanations remain in the air. Therefore, our position is based on the norms and principles of international law and historical justice. Armenia’s position is based on historical lies and violations of international law.”

“Such an approach is unacceptable,” Aliyev said, noting that Armenia is trying to attract member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (KGAÖ) and European countries to the war by attacking the territory of Azerbaijan. The problem cannot go beyond Azerbaijan and Armenia,” he said.

Aliyev stressed that the issue is not related to the territory of Armenia, saying: “despite the attacks of the Armenian army, we do not attack the territory of Armenia, we do not move to the side of Armenia. In fact, we have all the possibilities for this,” he said.

Aliyev expressed his readiness to restart the negotiation process with the end of military actions in Karabakh, and said that Turkey can participate in the process of resolving the Karabakh issue.

“Turkey, as a great country and our neighbor in the South Caucasus, has the right to participate in the process of decriminalization after the end of the conflicts,” Aliyev said.

Aliyev, who also noted that there were no results in the negotiation process for about 30 years, noted::

“Countries that will have positive effects in the region and reduce tensions are important for peace and cooperation. I think that these countries are Turkey and Russia.”