Baku, Azerbaijan – “There is no contact line, we broke the contact line,” Azerbaijani President Aliyev said. This is our historic victory,” he said.

A significant development took place on the Azerbaijan-Armenia line, where the clashes continued for more than a week.

“There is no so-called status quo, ” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said on his social media account. We changed it on the battlefield,” he said.

” There is no touchline, we broke the touchline, “Aliyev said, adding,” This is our historic victory.”

Aliyev announced on his Twitter account that the Azerbaijani army today liberated the villages of Hadrut, chayli, Yukhari Guzlak, Gorazilli, Kishlag, Garajali, Efendilar, Suleymanli, Sur.

Aliyev said, ” love to the Azerbaijani army! Karabakh is Azerbaijan,” he said.