Baku, Azerbaijan – In a statement, the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan shared images of the destruction of Armenian mortars.

The Azerbaijani army continues to destroy targets belonging to the occupying Armenia. Azerbaijan destroyed Armenian mortars.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry announced the destruction of Armenian mortars. In a statement, the ministry said that mortars belonging to the Armenian army were destroyed by a point shot by Azerbaijani troops in the Armenian-occupied village of Goyarh in the Terter region. The ministry shared images of the operation.

Armenian soldiers abandoned their positions and fled.

On the other hand, Azerbaijan announced that Armenian soldiers had fled, leaving their positions in the direction of Gubadli.

In a statement, the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan said that during the clashes in the direction of Gubadli-Lachin, soldiers associated with the Armenian army were unable to resist the attacks of the Azerbaijani army and fled, leaving their positions. Also in the statement, 556, brought from Armenia and placed in the defense zone. and 522. it was noted that the troops of motorized infantry regiments did not perform the tasks assigned to them due to their unprepared, inexperienced and undisciplined nature.