Kiev, Ukraine – An analysis by the international strategic think tank on Turkey’s military power provided striking details.

Turkey’s recent domestic and national defense industry moves continue to shake the balance. After the success of the technical tools and equipment used in Syria, the victory that came with the use of Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh was added, the eyes and ears of the world were again turned to the Turkish defense industry.

International strategic think tank Turkey’s steps in this area and the success of production in the defense industry were mentioned.

“Crushed the entire Armenian forces”

The article, written by the international strategic think tank, drew attention to Turkey’s role in the field.

The analysis also emphasized Turkey’s outstanding military success with the words, “the superior military training and equipment of NATO member Turkey completely crushed the Armenian forces with Russian training and equipment.”

“With Turkish support’
Ukraine should also take the example of Azerbaijan’s victory over Russia, the leading lines of the article are as follows:

“Another important result from the last war was the vital role of geopolitical alliances for countries that want to resist Russian pressure. Azerbaijan’s victory was made possible largely thanks to strong Turkish support, an important factor that dissuaded Russia from direct or indirect intervention in Armenia.

“Turkey has proven its leadership in the UAV war”
Turkey has proven its leadership role in the UAV war in the most recent Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict.

“It was like a 20. and 21. century’s war”
The latest conflict in the South Caucasus is Azerbaijan’s 21st anniversary. Armenia’s 20 century tactics. it was a clash between the century army. The result was a fiasco. The superior military training and equipment of NATO member Turkey gave Azerbaijan a decisive advantage and completely defeated the Armenian forces supported by Russian training and supplies.

“Russia’s reputation has been undermined”
In the wider international arena, the war has seriously undermined Russia’s reputation as a trusted ally. The Azerbaijani-Armenian war was very revealing. The ineffectiveness of post-Soviet peace-making diplomacy was revealed. The conflict has also raised serious questions about Russia’s credibility. It demonstrated the importance of strong regional security partnerships and the value of military innovations. These are all lessons that Ukraine cannot ignore.

“Azerbaijan can be an example for Ukraine”
Although the conditions in Ukraine and the South Caucasus are by no means directly comparable, Azerbaijan’s success still presents a number of signs that Ukrainian politicians should take into account.”