Baku, Azerbaijan – After Prime Minister Pashinyan said, “there will be no agreement, we will continue the conflict”, good news came again from the region in Armenia, which experienced a defeat in front of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev heralded on Twitter that 20 more villages and 1 Town had been liberated from the Armenian occupation. “The villages of Kolluşlak, Malatkeşin, Kend Zangilan, amplitude, Velikulubeyli, Karadere, garbage, Tatar, Tiri, Emirhanli, Karkulu, Bartaz, Dellekli and the town of Agbend were saved in Zangilan province. In addition, Mollaveli, upper Refidinli and lower Refidinli of Fuzuli province; Sirik, Shihlar, Mestelibeyli and Derzili villages of Gabriel province were also liberated from the occupation,” he said.

Aliyev said that with the capture of Zangilan and its villages, all occupied areas along the Iranian border were liberated.