Baku, Azerbaijan – “The Turkish flags hanging all over the country were not hung with instructions, people are doing it wholeheartedly,” said Azerbaijani Diaspora Minister Muradov, who has always felt Turkey’s political, military and media support in all areas.

Azerbaijani Diaspora Minister Fuad Muradov said that the Turkish people are on their side at the presidential, parliamentary and public level in the process of liberating Karabakh from occupation. Stating that they feel Turkey’s support in all areas, Muradov said, ” after that, we will all be together. Thank you for passing the correct news to the Turkish media. We also saw very valuable support in Anatolia, ” he said.

Muradov, who stressed that mercenaries practice terrorism in Karabakh, said: “there is not only an Armenian attack, there are mercenaries. Mercenaries were prepared long ago. These include people brought from Syria and Libya who are hostile to Azerbaijan, PKK and YPG terrorists, and those from Europe. Pashinyan clearly says, ‘ the Armenian people are fighting here.’ We know all that. We’ll take these people to the International Court. Armenians are also killing international law. Where Are these international organizations when civilians are being bombed? But they don’t want to understand. ’ The Great War against the Turks ‘ they write openly. Unfortunately, the Armenian diaspora, which has entered into hostile attitudes, is also trying to lead reasonable Armenians astray.”

Fuad Muradov, who stated that Azerbaijanis all over the world have applied to join the army, continued: “our diaspora operates in 50 countries. There are about 2 million Azerbaijanis in Russia. There have been thousands of applications, and we said to these brothers, ‘there is no problem with soldiers in our Army.’ We thanked them, asked them to use their power to explain our righteous cause. The Armenian diaspora practices terror in various provinces. They are both committing murder and filing a lawsuit against Turkey and Azerbaijan before the UN and the EU. The Azerbaijani army is currently freeing its territory from occupation. The whole world knows about it.”

Muradov, who also gave information about International Studies, said: “so far, more than a thousand articles have been published in 33 languages. Now we need to create international media organizations. Turkey has been successful in this business. At the domestic level, we also want an international media that will only write the truth. The support of sensitive artists from Turkey and the world is also important for us. There are also provocations of Armenians abroad. They’re trying to take our flags from our consulates, write on the walls. But we act with care and consideration. Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan is everywhere. We regularly discuss these issues with Abdullah Eren, President of the Turkish community abroad. Our direction is mostly civilian activities. So far, the Turkish people have fought for Man and humanity in all issues. The fact that Turkey is on our side is on the side of peace. Hopefully we’ll have some good news soon.”

Muradov, who stated that they have always been brothers with Turkey and will remain so, concluded his words: “when a person has a brother next to him, his power increases a hundred times. If you remember, at a meeting where Turkey is not, President Ilham Aliyev said, ‘there is no turkey here, but I am.’ It’s spirit power. These days, Turkey also supports Azerbaijan around the world. Everyone is curious about Azerbaijan, but Turkey supports it. From this day to tomorrow, we are with Turkey until the end. If you have visited Baku, you have seen Turkish flags everywhere. We did not instruct anyone to hang the flag of Turkey. People do it from the heart.”