Baku, Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry announced at the last minute that 10 critical areas had been liberated from occupation, while the Armenian army had suffered huge losses.

A brazen attempt came from the Armenian army to ganja, the historical city of Azerbaijan. Armenia, which launched the offensive, targeted civilian settlements.

2 civilians were killed and 4 civilians were injured in the attack on the civilian settlements of Azerbaijan.

The attack from the Armenian army occurred at 09: 44.

At 10.06 am, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan said that some residential areas were saved from occupation, noting that they responded very harshly.

Sugovushan and Talish settlements of Terter region, lower Abdurrahmanly village of Fizuli region and Guyjag villages of Mehdili, Çakırlı, lower Maralyan, Şeybey and Jabrayil region were liberated from occupation.

The Azerbaijani army continued its advance, causing great losses to the Armenians.

A low attempt from Armenia! They attacked the historic city.