Baku, Azerbaijan – Armenians are attacking civilian targets with their full forces. Just like PKK/PYD terrorists do; Just like Israel did the killer Assad. This clearly means the inhumane acts of a terrorist state. Azerbaijan, which has the right to any counterattack against Armenia in accordance with articles 51/52 of the UN Convention, will come to this step by step after liberating the occupied territory of its homeland.

All aspects of the persecution and torture carried out on the Turkish territory of Azerbaijan during the 30-year occupation period and the inventory should be revealed with archival information and documents and shown to the world public should be made the necessary complaints to the UN and the necessary preparations for compensation from the Armenians should be made urgently.

During the occupation period, all kinds of looting in the Karabakh region and other regions, as well as assets obtained from mines and natural resources, must be accounted for and compensated together with the late cost. Armenia, of course, does not have the power to pay for this. In contrast, the Armenian region between Nakhichevan/mainland Azerbaijan to Iran must already prepare the world public opinion and make this demand very serious and persistent in order to pay compensation to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan can certainly not say yes to any demand for a ceasefire. As it stands today, the motivation it has captured must be preserved with the public, and it is essential to stand on the borders of Armenia without taking a step back.

All our Azerbaijani brothers, who are forced to leave the occupation zones and flee at the expense of protecting their lives, must stand on the way to reclaim their territory by running to the front line through every transport they can find, even on bicycles and horseback, and go to the front in parallel with the Azerbaijani army. There is no doubt that this March for the protection of the homeland will receive the great support of the world public opinion as the glorious march of a nation that sets out to save its territory.