Ankara, Turkey – Eastern Mediterranean statement from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cihat Yayci: If the threat of war is felt, the requirement of Montreux is done. Emphasizing that Turkey is right under international law on the Eastern Mediterranean issue, Retired Admiral Cihat Yayci reminded Greece of the Montreux Straits Convention. “If the EU sanctions Turkey, if the provisions of the contract are applied, we can pass commercial ships through the Strait during the day, guidance can be mandatory, we determine the routes of the ships and we can control them. We can also close the Straits, prevent the crossing,” he said.

President of the BAU Center for Maritime and Global Strategies and retired Admiral Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cihat Yayci made statements about the long-standing tension in the eastern Mediterranean, which has rich natural gas deposits. Associate professor, who stated that Turkey wants its rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, which exist under international law. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cihat Yayci “The country that threatens war and conflict is not Turkey, but Greece. Greece wants to make Turkey feel that Greece will fight. Turkey is constantly talking about peace and diplomacy, ” he said.

Turkey is loyal to the Montreux Straits Convention, Yayci said, “Turkey may feel threatened by imminent war. As such, there are articles 2 and 6 of the Montreux Straits Convention. According to these articles, merchant ships must pass during the day. Guidance can be enforced. They have to make the crossing through the transit routes that Turkey will show. Greece’s second largest source of income after tourism is maritime transport. The first source of income of the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA) is sea transport. 45-50 ships pass through the Turkish straits a year, the vast majority of them ships with Greek and Greek bands. Turkey can slow down the crossings and make them wait. The guide tells us to take it, sets the routes, ” he said.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yayci, who said that Turkey’s hand is strong. “If he feels threatened by war, if he thinks that war material is being transported on these ships, Turkey can issue a list of contraband and check it. It has its place in international law. Each wait and delay will bring a serious cost to the ships. If the European Union tries to impose economic sanctions after its meeting on September 24-25, Turkey should put them on the table. Furthermore, article 20-21 of the Convention on The Straits of Montreux for warships comes into force. Turkey can close the straits to the ships of the parties it feels close to the war, prevent the passage,” he said.

Associate Prof. Dr. Yayci who said that Turkey is not a state that wants war and conflict. “Turkey is a state that has to defend its rights arising from the law. We have no eyes on anyone’s sea or land. And we can’t stand him having eyes on our land and our sea. In the agreement between Libya and Turkey, the line of the coast is 18.5 miles. It is a very narrow width. This expanse passes beyond the territorial waters of the Greek islands, especially Rhodes, Kasos, and Karpethos islands. Therefore, the 18.5-mile line is defeated at the moment of negotiation. Because it passes by the islands. When you start negotiating with Greece, the Turkey-Libya line disappears because it means that you are talking about how much maritime jurisdiction you will give Greece,” he said.

He stressed that there is nothing to negotiate with Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cihat Yayci “It is the same thing that Greece claims in Mugla and claims in the Eastern Mediterranean. If Greece claims in Mugla in terms of maritime law, will we meet at the table? Turkey must strongly express the issue of islands with informal military status and the disappearance of the transfer requirement from the legal and diplomatic way. The Lausanne agreement is the founding deed of Turkey. We have to get back to the terms of the deal. Let’s negotiate them, let’s not claim islands, islets, rocks whose sovereignty has not been transferred to Greece by agreements, as in Lausanne Peace Treaty. I’m not saying that we should stop diplomacy, stop negotiating, but let’s discuss our demands, our demands, Greece’s lawlessness. Let the Turkish nation be a customer, the military, the nation and all its institutions are standing up and we are extremely strong,” he said.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yayci “Greece’s armed forces are no more than half our size, we are twice their size. For Greece, it is not wise to enter the race for military power. Turkey has never engaged in conflict or war rhetoric. Greece is trampling on the United Nations charter by threatening Turkey with war. We are not a nation to fear war, who is Greece?” said.

” I am a Turk and a Muslim, and I am proud of it, ” he said. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yayci “Turkey should do what it requires. He can ally with anyone. Egypt, Russia, Greece, America, China and Israel do it with whoever they need to cooperate with. But there’s no’ I was cooperating before, and now I have to do it’. I am a Turkish and Muslim, and I am proud of it. We must be Turkish, We must be Turkish nationalists, we are Atatürk nationalists. Neither America nor Russia nor Israel are our priority. ‘Ihwanist’ when one wants to make a deal with Libya, ‘Sisist’ when one wants to make a deal with Egypt, ‘Israelist’ when one wants to make a deal with Israel, this mentality cannot be achieved anywhere. If it is in our interests, we act together, if it is against our interests, we will be against them,” he said.