Yerevan, Armenia – Anyone who sees the Turkish soldier is fleeing! They refused to go to war. After the Azerbaijani army opened fire on the 543rd Regiment of Armenian forces, the commander of the regiment was wounded and his deputy died. The regiment’s 1st Battalion Commander, Deputy Commander, mortar company commanders and soldiers of the 1st Battalion refused to enter the battle.

Armenian military units destroyed by Azerbaijan refused to enter the war. The 1st Battalion of the 543rd Regiment began to flee the battle after the attacks. A group of soldiers refused to enter the battle.

Azerbaijan is resolutely continuing its operations to reclaim the territory occupied by Armenia. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, in a statement on the official Twitter account, Belend jabrail district, Papi, Tulus, Hacili, loam, villages of Fuzuli region Gecegozlu Down Seyidehmedli, Zerger villages, minjivan settlement of Zangilan region, Hurama, Humarli, Hug, Babayli Third Agali, Hacalli, Qirah Muslan, Udgun, Turabad In Muslan, Melikli, and spicy Cahangirbeyli village were liberated from the occupation. Long Live The Azerbaijani Army! Karabakh Is Azerbaijan!, “he said.

Statement from the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan
During the night, operations in the Agdere, Agdam, Fuzuli, Gabriel, Zangilan and Gubadli directions of the front line continued with varying intensity, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in a statement. The statement said that Armenian troops retreated in the direction of Gubadli, losing some important hills and positions.

Many Armenian soldiers killed
The 5th destroyer in the direction of Agdere, where there were many wounded among the personnel of the D-20 battery belonging to the 155th artillery regiment of the Armenian army located in the direction of Khojavend, the wounded could not be evacuated due to the lack of vehicles and the roads were closed, the volunteers who recently arrived at the artillery units in the north of Hadrut fled their firing positions, It was recorded to the regiment that a large number of Armenian soldiers were neutralized as a result of the artillery fire of the Azerbaijani army.