Baku, Azerbaijan – News media displayed items belonging to the defeated Armenian army. The Armenian army was defeated against Azerbaijan. Armenia, which attacked the region where the Azerbaijani Turks lived in Nagorno-Karabakh was retaliated by the Azerbaijani army. The Armenian army was helpless against Azerbaijan, which was moving to retake the occupied territories. Armenian soldiers abandoned their armored vehicles and fled.

Military vehicles and trucks seized by the Azerbaijani army were displayed during the counterattack launched by Azerbaijan to liberate the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Azerbaijan’s counteroffensive against Armenia to reclaim its occupied territories continues on its 6th day. The Azerbaijani army captured the military vehicles that Armenia had left on the front, fleeing. Captured military vehicles are displayed in an area belonging to the army. More than 12 trucks and vehicles were seen with signs of conflict, all of which were destroyed.

The Azerbaijani army took control of the strategically important hills around Magadiz as part of its operation to liberate the territories occupied by Ermanistan.

The operation launched by Azerbaijan to liberate the territory under the occupation of Armenia continues. Heavy fighting continued in several aspects of the front during the morning and evening, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in a statement. The statement said that the strategically important hills around Madagiz in the Agdere region were captured by the Azerbaijani army, while the Azerbaijani army broke the resistance of the Armenian troops in the direction of Jabrayil-Fuzuli and forced them to retreat.

On the other hand, the area in the direction of Mount Murov was under the control of Azerbaijani troops.