Yerevan, Armenia – Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who has become a symbol of defeat in his country, went to Parliament for the first time, appearing in public 6 days after the signing of the trilateral Russia-Azerbaijan-Armenia agreement on November 10. Armenian President Armen Sargsyan has signalled early elections. As Armenian troops, defeated by Azerbaijan, left Nagorno-Karabakh, President Ilham Aliyev visited the cities of Fuzuli and Gabriel, which were liberated from the occupation, along with his wife Mihriban Aliyeva.

Armenia came to the brink of disintegration after its historic defeat against Azerbaijan, and this pose that Azerbaijani President Aliyev gave while kissing the flag during his visit to Fuzuli and Gabriel, who were freed from the occupation, took the first place on the agenda.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who has become a symbol of defeat in his country, went to Parliament for the first time, appearing in public 6 days after the signing of the trilateral Russia-Azerbaijan-Armenia agreement on November 10.

Opposition representatives in parliament booed Pashinyan and chanted, “We can only discuss your resignation with you.”

As protests continued on the streets of the capital, Yerevan, 17 opposition parties united against Pashinyan announced the road map they want to implement.

On the other hand, the political crisis is deepening in Armenia, which has been defeated by Azerbaijan. Armenian President Armen Sargsyan noted that early parliamentary elections are inevitable, and before the election, the administration of the country should be transferred to the national consensus government. “If we take into account the situation and the need to get out of it properly and listen to the demands of the people, it is obvious: early elections in the National Assembly will be inevitable to protect the country from shaking,” Sargsyan said, according to a statement from the Armenian presidency. Sargsyan said it would be the only responsible approach for the government and the ruling political force to objectively assess their potential and develop a roadmap soon.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, along with his wife Mihriban Aliyeva, visited the cities of Fuzuli and Gabriel, which were liberated from the occupation.

Aliyev thus visited Fuzuli and Gabriel for the first time in 27 years.

Aliyev, who went to the front line for the first time after the war, was greeted enthusiastically in the region. The president of Azerbaijan kissed the Azerbaijani flag in Karabakh and drew great acclaim on social media.

Aliyev’s wife Mihriban Aliyeva’s Instagram page shared images, President Aliyev’s own vehicle is seen carrying out the visits.

Ilham Aliyev says in the images that they were located in the province of Gabriel and went in the direction of the historical Hudaferin Bridge.

Aliyev, showing the houses in ruins in the surrounding area, said: “These are the Houses of Azerbaijani citizens destroyed by the wild enemy.”he says.

In the footage, Aliyev points to the Araz River, saying,” this is the Azerbaijan-Iran border, the border of friendship.”

Another image shared on social media networks shows Ilham Aliyev kissing and hoisting the Azerbaijani flag in one of the cities liberated from the occupation.

In Armenia, which suffered heavy losses and suffered heavy defeats in the operation conducted by Azerbaijan for Nagorno-Karabakh, the waters do not stop. Pashinyan, who delivered a speech to the nation in parliament, announced that he had decided to dismiss Foreign Minister Zograb Mnatsakanyan.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the Foreign Minister, Anna Naghdalyan, announced via Facebook that Mnatsakanyan had resigned.

Meanwhile, the opposition, which wants the prime minister dismissed by Parliament as a first step, is demanding that the interim government, which will be formed later, revise the agreement.

During a meeting with lawmakers in Parliament yesterday, Pashinyan warned that ignoring the current agreement would mean a return to war.

The night before this development, Pashinyan posted on Facebook about the alleged coup attempt and assassination against him: “our soldiers on the Karabakh front say that they understand me perfectly. And I said to them, ‘come back, I’m waiting for you in Yerevan. I said,” We need to teach those whining under the walls.”

Pashinyan’s call for soldiers to “return to the capital” had a bomb effect in Yerevan.

Not just the opposition, but lawmakers from the ruling “My Name” party began to resign one after the other.

Yesterday morning, Pashinyan, who changed his mouth, told a press conference via video conference, “I was misunderstood. The soldiers will come to the capital unarmed. They will better tell our people about the situation we are in,” he said.

At a press conference, Pashinyan tried to answer the question “What will happen now” and made the following determinations: “I am the number one responsible for the defeat we have suffered on the Karabakh front. I agree. Our people need to know all the facts about what has happened recently. I don’t intend to resign. At the moment, my only agenda item is to ensure peace and security in Armenia. When I came to power in 2018, the Karabakh talks within the framework of the OSCE reached the point where there was no going back. We were asked to withdraw from 7 Rays without any guarantees. I tried to change that, but I didn’t succeed.

And if the tripartite agreement we signed on November 10 has devastating consequences for us, we cannot give up on it. In order for us to give up, the military balance on the front must have changed in our favor. This is also not possible today. We all know what the 9-point tripartite agreement envisages in general terms. But among these substances, there are also situations in need of explanation. Here we can make gains at the table by moving from here. As for inviting the armies to Yerevan, I was misunderstood here. I have no intention of declaring military rule. I just meant for our soldiers at the front to come and tell us about the real situation. In the situation we are in, I also have demands from the opposition: I demand that they guarantee that they will not try to overthrow power in Armenia through a coup.”

Levon Ter-Petrosyan, the country’s first president after Armenia’s declaration of independence in 1991, was also unable to remain silent in the face of developments in Yerevan.

“The Armenian nation, as usual, is again a victim of (subsequent mental illness). We have not been able to recover from this disease since the tragic events of 1915 100 years ago. The rhetoric of the government and the opposition (we do not give a mix of land) is preparing new disasters for us. We couldn’t be like the Ottoman Turks who lost everything in the first World War. We couldn’t be Germany, which was destroyed in the Second World War and resurrected from the Ashes. We are always looking for criminals and acting with the mind that comes after,” he said.

As part of the ceasefire agreement signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Russian peacekeepers stationed in Nagorno-Karabakh will take part in mine clearing work in the region.

After Armenia’s defeat against Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, it was decided to send Russian peacekeepers to the region in accordance with the agreement signed between 3 countries mediated by Russia.

Russia’s Il-76 aircraft and Ulyanovsk-Vostochny Airport sent special equipment and reinforcements to Karabakh, it was announced.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that peacekeepers will carry out mine clearing duties in the Karabakh region.

Service dogs will also be used in the detection and search of explosives, the statement said.