Yerevan, Armenia – Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that the halt of Azerbaijan’s military action in Nagorno-Karabakh could only be possible if Turkey changes its position. Pashinyan also revealed the lie that Turkey had ordered Azerbaijan to attack Armenia.

In his statement after the agreed-upon ceasefire in Moscow, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said he saw no signs that ATurkey had changed its position.

Turkey, which has given strong support to Azerbaijan in the conflicts that began after Armenia attacked civilians in Nagorno-Karabakh, says that the conflicts there will only be possible if Armenian forces withdraw from the region.

Accusing Turkey of’ sabotaging the ceasefire’, the arrogant Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan also accused Turkey of’ trying to enter the South Caucasus region in order to further its expansionist ambitions’.

Pashinyan said that the conflicts will not stop until Turkey withdraws its support for Azerbaijan. “I do not believe that Azerbaijan will stop the war unless Turkey’s position changes.” said.

Pashinyan: Turkey instructs Azerbaijan

Pashinyan, who said that Turkey publicly expressed an opinion that Azerbaijan should continue to fight before the ceasefire talks, noted that after the agreement, the Turkish Foreign Minister called the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister.

The Armenian prime minister suggested that the purpose of Turkey’s post-ceasefire call was “a real instruction (given to Baku) that the conflicts should not be stopped under any circumstances and that they should not even be dared to do so”.

“Turkey is coming to the South Caucasus for its expansionist policy”

“Turkey came to the South Caucasus to continue its policy against Greece and Cyprus in the Mediterranean and again in Libya, Syria or Iraq. This is expansionist politics., “he said.

Pashinyan continued his words as follows:

“And the fact is that Armenians in the South Caucasus are the last remaining obstacle to implementing this expansionist policy.”

Efforts to provoke Iran and Russia

“If left unchecked, the Turkish influence could poison the South Caucasus,” said Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan, who tried to provoke Russia and Iran. ” thus, the entire South Caucasus will be Syria, and this fire will quickly jump to the north and South.” said.

Armenia shoots civilians in violation of ceasefire

Armenia, on the other hand, violated the ceasefire after the Moscow decision. The Azerbaijani army immediately responded to Armenia by targeting civilians.