Moscow, Russia – One of Russia’s leading newspapers, Vedomosti, wrote that the “Karabakh War” ended in disaster for Russia as well as Armenia, while Turkey’s prestige in the region increased significantly.

In Vedomosti, penned by Konstantin Makiyenko of the center for analysis of strategy and technology, “How Did Russia lose in the second Karabakh War? the article ” stated that the war ended with the defeat of Armenia.

“The Karabakh War ended disastrously for Armenia as well as Russia, ” he said in an article that suggested that Russia, as well as Armenia, had come out of the war. From the thin curtain of a deceptive foreign policy victory consisting of successful mediation and the deployment of peacekeepers, a bitter truth will soon emerge.”the statement was included.

“The prestige of a successful and combative Turkey, on the contrary, has increased tremendously. Why should Azerbaijan continue to pursue a policy of balance between the three countries that have been the main players here for the last three hundred years; Russia, Turkey and Iran? The issue of reclaiming territory lost in 1994, which was their main national goal, was resolved, direct communication with Turkey was achieved, and now it can be spoken to the Russians in a completely different tone.”he was evaluated.

In the article, which emphasized that Turkey’s influence in the geographies where Turkish languages are spoken in Central Asia will also increase rapidly, Russia’s client and ally have lost, while Turkey’s ally has won convincingly.

In the article, because of this result, “revived Turkishness” has become a more attractive project than “post-Soviet integration”, and the Turkish-made “Bayraktar TB2″ unmanned aerial vehicles have successful results in Karabakh after Syria and Libya.