Baku, Azerbaijan – A ceasefire was reached in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, but the Armenian side is violating the ceasefire in a row. During the night, the Armenian army launched a missile attack on Ganja. It was announced that the death toll in the attack had risen to 9, while several people were also injured. Efforts to rescue civilians under the rubble are under way.

On the other hand, Deputy President of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev said, “Armenia’s vandalism and barbarism against the Azerbaijani civilian population continues.”rocket systems are being transported to Armenia under the name of humanitarian aid,” he said.

The ceasefire, reached after more than 10 hours of talks in Moscow on Friday, brokered by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, broke down after 24 hours.

On Sunday morning, Hikmet Hajiyev, an adviser and spokesman for the president of Azerbaijan, said that Armenia had launched a missile attack on Ganja, the country’s second largest city, killing many civilians.

Haqqin, an Azerbaijani news agency, wrote that after ganja, a power plant in Mingecevir was also targeted by Armenia; Azerbaijani air defense systems prevented this attack.

9 people were killed and 34 injured when the Armenian army attacked the Azerbaijani city of ganja with missiles 24 hours after the ceasefire.

Azerbaijan’s Attorney General’s office said in a written statement that missiles launched by Armenia hit residential buildings in the city of ganja, where civilians live.

9 people were killed and 34 injured due to the attack, the statement said.

Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev made the remarks on his social media account. “Armenia violated the ceasefire and fired rockets at civilians in Ganja. This is a war crime and a grave violation of the Geneva Conventions. The rocket attack was carried out from the Vardenis region of Armenia. As a result, 41 Azerbaijani civilians were killed and more than 200 injured. The aim of the Armenian side is to reoccupy the liberated areas. The Azerbaijani side will respond to all this properly. Armenia’s military and political leadership is responsible for its crimes., “he said.

Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan, also said, “disrespect for Russian-mediated talks and another manifestation of Armenian fascism. These despicable deeds will never break the will of the Azerbaijani people!” said.

4 of the dead were women, 16 of the injured were women and 6 of the children were reported as search and rescue efforts continued in the wreckage of the houses destroyed by the violence of the attack.

The attorney general’s Office of Azerbaijan announced the loss of life and property caused by the attacks of Armenia from September 27 to October 11.

According to the statement, 41 Azerbaijani civilians were killed and 205 civilians were injured during the specified period. 1165 houses, 57 apartments and 146 public buildings were destroyed in the attacks of Armenia.

Hikmet Hajiyev, advisor to the president of Azerbaijan, reported that Armenia committed war crimes by attacking the city of ganja and civilian settlements in violation of the ceasefire.

Armenia’s state-level terrorism policy continues, and the Armenian administration’s impunity has prompted it to commit more war crimes, Hajiyev said on his Twitter account.

“Armenia must be stopped.”he described Armenia’s attack on the civilian population as “vandalism and barbarism”, noting that the attack was a new act of genocide against the Azerbaijani people.

“It is a war crime to attack civilians with destructive missiles far from the area where military operations are taking place. This is a manifestation of the immoral behavior of the Armenian administration., “he said. Hajiyev also noted that rocket systems were being transported to Armenia under the name humanitarian aid.

BBC reporter Orla Guerin shared photos from Ganja, which was attacked by a missile, saying: “the scene here looks more like an all-out war than a ceasefire. The Russia-brokered ceasefire appears to have ended before it began., “he said.

Ganja MP Nagif Hamzayev likened the image at the scene he faced in the latest attack to the Khojaly massacre.

“It’s no different than what they did in Khojali in 1992. We never opened fire on their civilians. We have no problem with civilians. We also gave them a corridor of humanity. Ignoring international humanitarian agreements, the Armenians broke the ceasefire without waiting even 12 hours. We were moving forward, but we gave the Armenians one last chance. Unfortunately, they didn’t evaluate it correctly.”he said, and added:

“We were woken by the sound of a midnight missile. Here we heard the children’s voices of the wounded. I’ve been through immigration, I’ve been through it as a kid. I had the same moments again last night.”

Speaking to reporters on Sunday morning, Araik Haratyunyan, the leader of the Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh, said that as of this morning, the situation was relatively calm, but tensions on the front line continued and the situation could change quickly.

Accusing Azerbaijan of “trying to capture the town of Hadrut despite the ceasefire,” Haratyunyan said the prisoner exchange was due to begin on Sunday, but it was not known if it would happen.

After nearly two weeks of intensifying fighting, the ceasefire took effect at 12: 00 local time (11: 00 a.m. on Saturday.

Asif Kurban, President of the World Congress of Azerbaijanis, said that Armenia’s goal, which targets civilians, is to spread the war to the region.

Asif Kurban, in a written statement. Armenia, 24 hours after the ceasefire, Azerbaijan’s second largest city Ganja in a missile attack killed 7 people and injured close to 50 people reminded.

He noted that Armenia has shown that it is a problem for the state of terrorism and the security of the region:

“Armenia is fighting fugitive and treacherous. He deliberately attacks areas where civilians live as he loses in the area where the war is going. The expectation is that Azerbaijan will attack where civilians live. But Azerbaijan protects its humanity, respects international law and does not take this step. Armenia’s intention is to spread the war to the region and to include other countries and to throw the region into the fire.”

Stating that Armenia’s barbarism should be called “Enough” and that they expect justice from the world in this regard, the victim said: “How many more civilians will die? The Azerbaijani army is strong and will purge enemies from its own historical territory, its own right., “he said.

“International public opinion should raise its voice against Armenia.”he explained.

The ministry’s Twitter account included photos of Armenia’s attacks on civilian settlements in Azerbaijan.

Armenia, which has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, is now violating the ceasefire, “Armenia continues attacks on civilian settlements even in the ceasefire. International public opinion should raise its voice against Armenia.”they were used.

Armistice between Azerbaijan and Armenia

After the Armenian army attacked Azerbaijani civilian settlements on September 27, the Azerbaijani army launched an operation and liberated the city of Gabriel, the town of Hadrut and more than 30 villages from the occupation.

October 10 Saturday, starting at 12: 00 pm, Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed to a humanitarian ceasefire for the exchange of funerals and prisoners in Nagorno-Karabakh.