Baku, Azerbaijan – Exactly 27 years after the occupation of Armenia, the voices of ‘Allahu Akbar’ began to rise in the land, which was liberated again. Azerbaijan hangs its own flag in places liberated from the occupation, while Armenia continues to target civilians with long-range missiles.

The recitation of the azan in the lands liberated by the Azerbaijani army from the occupation of Armenia dehumanized the Armenian army. Armenia once again began to show its terrorist face by attacking cities inhabited by civilians in Azerbaijan with missiles. The Muslim territory of Azerbaijan was occupied by Armenia 27 years ago, massacres were carried out, mosques, masjids and many Islamic monuments were destroyed.

After the attack on civilians living in tovoz, Armenia, which does not know how to behave, the Azerbaijani army began to reclaim the occupied territories step by step, repelling Armenian soldiers supported by the terrorist organization PKK and ASALA from the territory occupied by Armenia. Yesterday morning, in the reclaimed lands and places of worship, the voices of the adhan Rose and began to herald the victory of Azerbaijan.

Now we are a state and a nation!
Reacting to Armenia’s inhumane attacks, National Front party leader Razi Nurullayev said: “Armenia wants to expand the borders of the war by bombing Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, and accepting civilians as targets. Azerbaijan will have to enter the borders of Armenia in order to protect its territory and its civilian people, and all responsibilities related to this event also belong to Armenia. Their goal is to keep Azerbaijan away from its main goal. But they will fail. I owe it to brother Turkey to thank you. Your life is our life, your blood is our blood. We are now a nation, a state.‘We want to go a little further and add our Pakistani brothers to this list and say what they said: ‘We are now a three-state nation.’ Even if our borders are separate, we are one in heart and soul.”

They destroyed 44 mosques
Azerbaijani journalist Ruslan humanitarian, who followed the developments in the hot zone, also reported on the events in the region to Akit. Bashirli said that the azans read were a great morale for the Azerbaijani people, and he said: “the liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani territories and the first Azan, especially in these lands, were met with enthusiasm among the people. Armenians destroyed our mosques and started feeding pigs inside them. In the occupied territories, 44 mosques and other Islamic monuments were destroyed and insulted. But today the Azerbaijani army is liberating the occupied territories. By Allah’s leave, the adhan will be recited in all our mosques. Liberating these lands from occupation and calling out the adhan there is a sign of respect for the Islamic values of our people. In the meantime, our state and our people express their love for the Turkish state and its people, because they are always on the side of Haqq and on our side in his righteous cause. Aliyev’s letter of thanks to Mr. Recep Erdogan expresses our love for Turkey. Insha’allah, soon our land will be liberated, our people will return to their homes, and the azans will moan from our mosques all over Karabakh.”

Peace needs assurance
Azerbaijani political scientist Anar Mammadli, who stated that the operations continued successfully, said: “after 8 days of successful military operations of the Azerbaijani army, it wiped out the Armenians. The Armenian army began firing rockets at the cities of ganja, Barda and Beylagan, hitting civilians. The aim of the Armenian side is to install an offensive image on Azerbaijan. Now mutual hatred must be replaced by peace and stability. The basic conditions for this are the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions on Karabakh and the recognition of the rights of more than 600 thousand refugees. Azerbaijan accepts the peaceful resolution of the conflict and demands the withdrawal of Armenian forces to its international borders in order to stop military operations. The OSCE Minsk Group should support the solution of Azerbaijan within the framework of territorial integrity on the basis of UN Security Council resolutions. In this way, they can give Azerbaijan confidence in peace talks and deter Armenia from its aggressive position.”