Paris, France – Anti-French protests held in Muslim countries as France girds itself after latest attack. French President Emmanuel Macron, who decided to back down after his comments about cartoons that caused outrage in the Islamic world, will send ambassadors to Islamic countries to soften relations.

After the beheading of teacher Samuel Patty for showing cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad in class, French President Emmanuel Macron, who has recently developed a harsh discourse on Islam, pushed back, further hardening his tone and sending a message that they would not give up on these cartoons.

Media reports in The Gurdian and EuroNews quoted Macron as saying he planned to send ambassadors to Muslim countries to soften dialogue with Islamic countries.

French President Macron, who gave an interview to Al Jazeera last week, signaled a step back, saying ‘ I understand that cartoons can be shocking’ after worldwide reactions.“ I understand and respect that we can be shocked by these cartoons, ” said Macron, who said in the interview that what a magazine in France said was not the government’s position.

Countries such as Qatar, Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia, Jordan and Bangladesh have launched boycotts of French products because of French President Macron’s anti-Islamic statements and support for cartoons insulting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

French President Macron: France “does not fight against Islam”

The country “does not fight against Islam”, President Macron responds in an article in the Financial Times.

French President Emmanuel Macron published an article in the Financial Times on Wednesday night explaining that “France is fighting against Islamic autonomy, never against Islam”, in response to an article published on the British newspaper’s website on Monday. which, however, has now been withdrawn.

In a lengthy “letter to the publisher” posted on the French presidency’s website, Macron expressed outrage at the article, which he said accused him of stigmatizing French Muslims for electoral purposes, even worse that cultivates a climate of fear and suspicion towards them ”.

“I will not allow anyone to claim that France, its state, is cultivating racism against Muslims,” ​​he said, adding that his statements were misinterpreted.

As in an interview last week on Qatar-based al Jazeera television, Macron wanted to explain outside France that his fight was “against Islamic autonomy” (ie, fanatical Muslims who do not want to obey the laws of the French state, but to those imposed by the way they interpret Islam) and not against Islam, at a time when Muslims in many countries reacted angrily to the French president’s statements, calling for a boycott of the French products.

Recalling the series of terrorist attacks in France following the attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in 2015, in which 300 people were killed, Macron explains that France is under attack for its values, the secularism of its state, the freedom of expression and emphasizes that “it will not assign anything”.

At the same time, in his article in the British newspaper, the French president presents in detail the case of “Islamic autonomy”, which according to him is a “field for cultivating terrorist tendencies”.

He speaks of “hundreds of radicalized people, for whom we fear that at any moment they will take a knife and go and kill the French.”

“In some neighborhoods, as well as on the internet, groups affiliated with extremist Islam are teaching French children to hate democracy, calling on them not to obey the law.”

“You do not believe me; Read again the conversations, the calls for hatred that spread in the name of a deviant Islam on the social networking sites that finally ended in the death of teacher Samuel Patty a few days ago. “Go visit the neighborhoods where three- or four-year-old girls are wearing burqas” and “raised with a hatred plan against French values,” he complains.

“France intends to fight against this today,” but “never against Islam.” “Against obscurantism, fanaticism, violent extremism. Never against a religion. “We say ‘no to our country!'”, Macron underlines.

“It is our inalienable right as a sovereign state,” he said. “We do not need any newspaper article that tries to divide us.”