Ankara, Turkey – ALKA Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) system neutralizes or totally destructs targets such as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), mini/micro unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), drones, mini/micro unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) carrying a variety of payloads (camera, explosives, etc.) as well as swarm attacks.

Roketsan, one of the leading brands in Turkey’s defense industry, developed the ALKA directed energy weapon system. Drones or UAVs that are hard to hit can be destroyed using ALKA without a single bullet being fired.

Roketsan, which pushes the boundaries of technology in the field of conventional rockets, missiles and ammunition, also continues its work on innovative weapons systems.

On the need to block next-generation threats with innovative weapons systems, Roketsan also developed the ALKA Directed Energy weapon system. The DEW/YES system directs electromagnetic energy and laser energy to a specific area. This, in turn, strengthens the hand of security forces against explosives-laden air vehicles and hand-made explosives, which are often used in terrorist attacks.

ALKA, thanks to its electromagnetic mixing system, laser destruction system and electromagnetic destruction system, gives the user a three-stage defense ability.

ALKA, which can direct electromagnetic energy and laser energy to a specific area, neutralizes single or herd drones with its electromagnetic mixing ability, and with its laser destruction ability, it allows the destruction of drones and handmade explosives at a safe distance.

Because ALKA concentrates directed energy on the target with high accuracy, it can also hit the target from its desired point, preventing external damage. The cost per beat of the system, which reacts at the speed of light and can be used in day and night conditions, remains much lower than conventional ammunition.

Capable of mixing up to 4 kilometers, the system can destroy targets in the air and on land up to 500 meters.

ALKA can also be used mobile or stationary according to user needs. The mobile system is used in defense of troops deployed in transit or in the field, as well as in residential operations. The fixed system is considered an ideal solution for Point air defense of ship, headquarters, base-port, Kalekol and similar critical facilities.

ALKA can also track and destroy multiple targets simultaneously with radar and electro-optical systems located on it. With the high target hit rate achieved with ALKA, damage and losses outside the target are also minimized.

Testing and development work continues on the ALKA Directed Energy Weapon System, which was first exhibited at the 14th International Defense Industry Exhibition (IDEF). In Tests, ALKA successfully tracked and destroyed targets in border violations with rotary and fixed-wing drones, while also defusing handmade explosives with laser shots.

Aiming to be the first in the world with its new weapon, Roketsan protects a facility with an ALKA-Directed Energy weapon system against possible drone attacks.

Directed energy weapons (YES/DEW) will also change the dimension of wars with its operational potential. Experts note that kinetic and chemical weapons are not sufficient in today’s wars, as well as high cost, pointing out that Directed Energy Weapons have very superior properties.

The fastest missile is moving at 8346 km / h, while YES/DEW reacts at the speed of light, i.e. 300 thousand kilometers per hour. The new generation of weapons, whose ammunition is also unlimited, can shoot continuously unless the energy source is cut off. The cost of a shot with Directed Energy Weapons, whose shooting, repair and maintenance costs are quite low compared to kinetic and chemical weapons, is expressed as just one dollar, while the Patriot missile launch costs $ 3.3 million.

Defense experts also emphasize that YES/DEW, which determines the damage to the target by adjusting the frequency and amount of energy, can produce deadly and peaceful solutions.

ALKA YES/DEW System Specifications (Yönlendirilmiş Enerji Silahları (YES))
• Automatic Aiming to Target Detected by Radar
• Automatic Target Detection and Tracking Through Artificial Intelligence Assisted Image Processing (Minimum False Alarm Rate)
• Standalone Use without Radar
• EJS* 4,000 m
• Effective Laser Destruction Range 500 m
• Effective Destruction Range of 1,000 m with Electromagnetic Destruction System
• Independent of Number of Targets, Interception Capability Against Swarm Attacks

• Selection of Precise Destruction Point on the Target
• Tracking and Destruction of High Speed Targets (150 km/hr)
• High Precision Target Tracking (8 mm Precision at 1,000 m)
• Multiple Target Tracking
• Day/Night Operations
• Surveillance Only Mode
• Reduction of Operator Cognitive Workload through Neuro-Ergonomics Approach
• Low Cost per Shot
• Successive Firing Capability

Areas of Use
• Urban Operations (against IEDs)
• Protection of Military Units
• Protection of Government Buildings
• Protection of Airports
• Protection of Residential Areas
• Protection of High-Tech Production Facilities
• Protection of Power Plants
• Protection of VIP
• Protection of Other Critical Facilities

Mobile Use
• Ability to Perform on 4X4 Vehicle
• Operation within the Cabin
• Internal Power Unit
• Modular Configuration
• Deployment on Desired Location
• Easy Operation with 2 Personnel

Stationary Use
• Tower or Shelter Configuration
• Remote Operation from the Command Center
• Use of External Power Sources
• Easy Operation with Single Personnel