Paris, France – The attacker, who covered the French city of Nice in blood, has been identified. The suspect who killed three people was identified as 21-year-old Tunisian refugee Brahim Aioussaoi. French leader Macron has announced a doubling of the number of troops serving in the country’s fight against terrorism.

New details in the horror in Nice: the aggressive Tunisian refugee who covered France in blood has turned out!

New details are emerging in the horror of yesterday’s knife attack at the Notre Dame Church in Nice, France. The attacker, who killed three people, two of them women, has been identified.

French media reported that the attacker was 21-year-old Tunisian refugee Brahim Aioussaoi. Aioussaoi left his country on a migrant boat and set foot in Europe for the first time, reaching the Italian island of Lampedusa on September 20. The attacker was said to have arrived in the city of Nice by train via Bari on Thursday morning.

Aioussaoi, who was shot dead by police with 14 shots, is being treated in hospital and is in critical condition. Prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard, who was at the scene, also gave important information.

“A Koran, two phones and a knife used in the attack were found on the attacker, ” Ricard said. A bag left by the attacker was also seized. Two more knives were found next to the bag that were not used in the attack,” he said.

The identities of those who lost their lives in the attack are also being revealed. Among aioussaoi’s victims are church official Vincent Loques, 55, and Simone Barreto Silva, 44. The other person killed in the attack is said to be a 60-year-old woman.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who went to Nice and examined the scene, announced that they had raised the level of security in the country to the highest level.

French President Macron, who went to the scene, made the comments after the review.

“France has once again been hit by a terrorist attack, ” Macron said, noting that the number of soldiers serving as part of the fight against terrorism across the country has been increased from 3 thousand to 7 thousand. This is the third time terror has struck the inhabitants of this city. I know the shock you’re feeling. We have been attacked because of our values, our sense of freedom and our freedom of faith in our country. We will never surrender. We will be in a position to protect all places of worship, especially churches,” he said.

In France last week, teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded after showing a cartoon mocking the Prophet Muhammad in class. After the event, which sat on the agenda of the world public opinion, a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad was projected on public buildings in some cities in France.

Reacting to the French leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president and AKP leader, said: “Macron needs a mental treatment. What else can be called a head of state who does not understand freedom of Faith, Freedom of faith, treats millions of people of different faiths living in his own country in this way, first of all, mental control” and called for a boycott of French goods.