Ankara, Turkey – The Ministry of National Defense announced that Greece continues to escalate tensions in the region, continue provocative harassment and violations, and that it has harassed Turkish aircraft during NATO operational missions, and Turkey has responded in the most appropriate way. Aggressive and expansionist Greece openly infringed the disarmament status of all Aegean islands against Turkey, in violation of the 1923 Lausanne Peace Treaty.

In the Ministry of National Defense’s weekly briefing, Greece and the problems in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean were broadly divided. Greece continues to maintain an uncompromising stance rather than dialogue:

“Greece continues its provocative stance with 3 Navtex announcements issued on 23 November 2020 on the same day, covering islands of unofficial military status, two of which coincide with the shooting-training sites announced by us earlier. In response to Navtexs issued by Greece in violation of international law, our objection Navtexs have been published.

Again, Greece has harassed our Naval Patrol aircraft, which serve as an auxiliary support to NATO’s Naval Guard Operation, and in the NEXUS ACE missions performed by our Air Force under NATO, while Turkish aircraft were in international airspace. The abuse was responded in the most appropriate way.

Greece, the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA), Egypt, France and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) joined in opposition to Turkey, starting today off Egypt and continuing until 6 December 2020 with the actual Joint United exercise that wants tension in the region, stated the Ministry of National Defense, reiterated that Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) will continue the mission to accompany Oruc Reis and Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha ships in the Mediterranean, and Fatih ship in the Black Sea.