Izmir, Turkey – AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency): According to the information received from SAKOM (Health Disaster Coordination Center), 114 of our citizens died.

AFAD said the loss of life in the 6.9 earthquake in Izmir was 114, and 137 people were being treated. Of our 1,035 injured citizens, 898 have been discharged and 137 of our citizens are being treated.

A total of 1713 aftershocks were recorded after the earthquake on October 30, 45 of which were over 4 magnitude, according to the AFAD statement.

The earthquake killed 114 people and injured 1035, while 898 of the injured were discharged, and 137 people are still being treated.

In Izmir, 15 of the 17 buildings where search and rescue efforts are carried out have been completed and work continues in 2 buildings.