Nur-Sultan – Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan, a member of the Turk Council / Turkic Union, is becoming the target of Russia’s Maximalist Expansionist policy.

The often aggressive attitudes of Russian politicians towards Kazakhstan’s territorial integrity within the framework of the recently popular Russian territorial recovery debate in Russia continue to strain relations between the two countries.

Principal Investigator of the Institute of History and Ethnology of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan historian Prof. Dr. Asilbek Izbairov has added a new dimension to the debate. Izbairov said that Kazakhstan would allow Turkey to build a military base if Russia continued to look at his country’s territory.

The concept of ‘restoring Russian territory’, which has recently become very popular in Russian society, is widespread in all segments, while this trend is reflected in the perspectives of Russian politicians on neighboring countries. “The territory of Kazakhstan is a great gift from Russia and the Soviet Union,” Vyacheslav Nikonov, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian parliament, said on Russian state television. Another lawmaker, Yevgeny Fedorov, also backed Nikonov, saying Kazakhstan should give its territory to Russia. Head researcher of the Institute of history and Ethnology of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan historian Prof. Dr. Asilbek Izbairov sent a message to the Russians, saying, “If Russia escalates such attacks, Kazakhstan may allow Turkey to establish a base in the country.”

Izbairov said ‘ Why Does Russia not want to respect Kazakhstan’s independence? “The first attacks on the necessity of granting the northern regions of Kazakhstan to Russia, in 1990, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, ‘How can we equip Russia? ‘it started with his article. Then this door led to other politicians who decided to take advantage of this cheap show, but for some reason the theme of ‘reclaiming Russian territory’, which was very popular in Russian society, became widespread. This cheap rhetoric has been embraced by other politicians close to the government, especially Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. In addition to the issue of disputes over the ‘northern regions’ of Kazakhstan, Zhirinovsky, has repeatedly spoken out for the full invasion of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and other countries. As we have seen, this is a cheap issue, it stands out from time to time, and many politicians on this issue simply score points and repeat cheap popularity. ‘The land of Kazakhstan is a great gift from Russia and the Soviet Union,’ Russian State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Nikonov said on the ‘Big Game’ program on Channel 1. Second, I’m afraid this cheap topic adds a certain charm to people in the Kremlin. And some so-called strategies and ideologies of power in Russia may require such issues to be on the agenda in conditions of economic and political crisis in the country in order to turn the attention of the masses to other abstract goals.”

“Is Russia uncomfortable with Kazakhstan’s rapprochement with Turkey and the Turkic world?“ it may be, but the Russian authorities should understand: first, the Turkic world depends on us by blood, and we will always have friendly relations with our kindred Peoples; Second, Kazakhstan is almost the only closest strategic ally and partner for Russia Today. And in the face of such constant attacks, resentment and supporters of the severing of relations with Russia will naturally increase in Kazakh society and government circles in Kazakhstan. And the development of such scenarios may ultimately lead to the fact that Kazakhstan may eventually change its strategic partner in the country. These cheap themes can backfire. Russian President Vladimir Putin once declared that’ Kazakhs were never statehood ‘while speaking at a youth forum called ‘Seliger’. In response to these statements, Kazakhstan also stated that the establishment of the Kazakh Khanate was 550 years old in order to demonstrate historical continuity. Anniversary and 750th anniversary of the foundation of the Golden Horde A large-scale event was held on the occasion of the anniversary. States existed on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The then President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev also said in an interview with Khabar TV channel that ‘Astana will never be part of organizations that pose a threat to Kazakhstan’s independence’ and that ‘Kazakhstan has the right to reject membership in the Eurasian Economic Union’. They must remember that, too. Third, Kazakhstan had and still has allies. They are ready to stand by Kazakhstan if necessary. These are both peoples who are related to the Kazakhs and peoples who are close to the Kazakhs by faith. Fourth, as recent events in Kazakhstan have shown, the Kazakhs are ready to withstand anything, including hunger, but the concepts of ‘Earth’ and ‘kinship’ are sacred to them, and this can deeply shake the Kazakh people. Fifth, Russia has military bases in Kazakhstan, and in the face of an increase in these attacks, Kazakhstan can also deploy military facilities of other countries, such as Turkey, in its country. And this is quite realistic and can be realized in modern conditions and in terms of strengthening family relations with Turkey. It is not in vain that the opinion on the creation of a united Turkish military army is on the agenda today.”

“Nikonov’s statements about Kazakhstan caused a great public reaction, and many Kazakhs cursed Nikonov. “Alexander Komarov, Charge d’affaires of the Russian Federation of Kazakhstan, was invited to the Ministry of foreign affairs of Kazakhstan, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented him with a State note on the situation, ” Asilbek Izbairov said. The worst part is that the Russian authorities allow such statements by lawmakers, causing the collapse of mutual friendly relations. In my opinion, this statement should be considered in a broad context, that is, in connection with China, Russia, the US triangle and Kazakhstan’s geopolitical role in this process. Today, when Democrats led by Joe Biden came to power in the United States, Nikonov’s statement was a move by Russian politicians to once again remind Kazakhstan of ‘who is strong in the region’. An attempt to push us to choose one of the parties. This is disrespectful and unpleasant. In the context of deteriorating relations between Russia and US, Russia will, as expected, seek to exert pressure on the periphery of areas in Ukraine along the Transnistria line, particularly disputed along the Crimea line. We can also add the Caucasus to this list. And all this will naturally be reflected in Russia’s position as similar statements by lawmakers such as Nikonov. But still, for those who start such a game, the opposite reaction can also occur. No one should forget that.