Ankara, Turkey – Herd UAV software, which can be used with fixed and rotary wing UAVs, will add additional capabilities such as reconnaissance, detection, recognition, search and rescue, vehicle tracking, relay creation to the security forces ‘ existing intelligence systems capabilities. The herd UAV solution, which can also serve as an armed one, will be able to perform reconnaissance and surveillance tasks within 6 months, and target detection and destruction tasks within 1 year . With the technologies offered by Milsoft to the Turkish Armed Forces, when given command from the helicopter, a swarm of UAVs accompanying it will be able to carry out a frontal assault and provide operational support

Milsoft, a Turkish defense industry company that provides software-based solutions to security forces, has developed software for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with the herd concept. Recently mentioned in the defense industry, herd UAV systems provide advantages such as low hardware costs, difficult detection by enemy forces, and asymmetric threat to large platforms. In this way, the tasks that a single platform will perform in a long time can be completed in less time, tasks can be performed in dangerous areas without risking human lives.

While many countries have yet to experiment with this technology in a simulation environment, limited countries have herd technology. Turkey, on the other hand, has made its name among the rare countries in this field by using herd technology in its recent operations. Turkey, under the Coordination of the presidential Defense Industry presidency (SSB), carries out various projects on herd UAV systems and signs activities supporting the further development of this technology. Within the scope of herd UAV technology development and Demonstration Project organized by SSB, it is aimed to develop algorithms and software for the use of unmanned platforms in herd concept with the participation of micro-scale companies and SMEs.

System integration and software development since 1998 in the field of autonomous systems and also developed local and national policy solutions Milsoft who authored many technology-oriented software technology development participated in the competition SSB the first phase is completed successfully.

Milsoft, with its own resources for about 3-4 years, has finally come up with a new solution for herd mobility, which is of great interest in the world. Milsoft originally developed image processing algorithms with high accuracy using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for automatic target detection and moving target identification success rate and the ability it offers to the personnel of Turkish Armed Forces making for many years.

Herd UAVs, which work integrated with the currently in use intelligence/image evaluation solutions, will add power to existing intelligence system capabilities by adding additional capabilities such as reconnaissance, detection, recognition, search and rescue, vehicle tracking, relay creation. For example, swarms of UAVs can be fired from aircraft and platforms, the images they receive will be entered into the aerial picture, vehicles in the Swarm will be able to transfer images between the relay mission and the troops. Elements that can escape human eyes will be detected with the support of artificial intelligence, and multiple attack capabilities will be gained by arming vehicles.

According to another usage scenario being worked on, Milsoft’s link solutions will be able to carry out a frontal assault and provide operational support when given command from helicopters. Milsoft aims to transfer the ability to move in swarms to underwater and above platforms and land vehicles.

Milsoft herd UAV software, which also successfully missions in the SSB competition, can work on both fixed and rotary wing UAV platforms. A swarm of UAVs can fly in formation and instantly change its formation in three dimensions during the mission. The swarm of drones can operate completely autonomously from the beginning to the end of a mission and can be instantly monitored and controlled over the intelligence applications that Milsoft delivers to the Turkish Armed Forces. The vehicles in the herd have over half an hour of flight time and a capacity to carry 1 kilogram of useful cargo. The vehicles serve with landing gear that can land on hard terrain.

In the field, a herd of 5 cars is shown, while in the simulation environment this number increases to 25. Milsoft aims to make a swarm of 50 drones operational. Milsoft herd UAV solution will become capable of reconnaissance and surveillance in 6 months and target detection and destruction in 1 year. Herd UAVs will also be able to take part in concepts such as convoy security, patrol duty, protection of fixed facilities or critical areas. Communication between UAVs is again provided by Milsoft’s own unique link solutions. Vehicles can communicate with each other at a distance of up to 500 meters. Another 10-kilometer network solution is available when the obtained data is requested to be transferred further. Milsoft aims to make the herd software developed available to all domestic and national UAV manufacturers.