Moscow, Russia – As the hot clashes on the front line between Azerbaijan and Armenia enter their twenty – sixth day, the Azerbaijani army continues its progress in the operation it has launched to liberate its territory, which has been occupied for nearly 30 years. According to the latest news, the Armenian army has launched ballistic missiles at Azerbaijani settlements. Pashinyan continued his calls for war, while his minister sat at the bargaining table. The response from the Kremlin to Armenia has had a cold shower effect.

Fierce fighting continues on the front line, which began on September 27 when the Armenian army opened fire on civilian settlements in Azerbaijan. Here’s some breaking news..

As the conflict enters its 26th day, the Armenian army, which has not given up its attacks on civilians, continues to suffer great defeat against Azerbaijan.

Another shock from Russia to Armenia, which has been waiting for support from Russia since the first day of the conflicts and has been constantly trying in this direction! Russia responded harshly to Pashinyan’s calls for the war to continue.

In a statement, the Kremlin spokesman repeated that the only solution to the conflicts in Nagorno – Karabakh and the problem between Azerbaijan and Armenia can be achieved through diplomatic means and dialogue. The announcement comes ahead of a meeting of the foreign ministers of the two sides tomorrow with US Secretary of State Pompeo.

As the Armenian army continued to suffer heavy losses against Azerbaijan, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that there was no diplomatic solution to the Karabakh conflict in the current situation and called on civilians in his country to fight.

“There is no chance that the Karabakh conflict will be resolved through negotiations from now on. This situation will continue like this for a long time. What Azerbaijan wants is unacceptable to us. And they will never fulfill our demands.”he explained.

“The entire Armenian people have no choice but to fight for a final solution to the Karabakh conflict. I have instructed all local governments throughout Armenia to start forming volunteer troops to be sent to the front,” he said.

While Pashinyan made war statements, Armenian Foreign Minister Zograb Mnatsakanyan and Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Ceyhun Bayramov went to Moscow for talks. The ministers held separate talks with Sergei Lavrov.

The two ministers are also expected to meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday. At the meeting, the options for a diplomatic solution and a ceasefire will be re-evaluated.

Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said in a statement that Nikol Pashinyan’s statements “reveal Armenia’s intent.” “Pashinyan’s statement’ no diplomatic solution in Karabakh’ reveals Armenia’s intention. It’s obvious who wants war. This confirmed the right of Turkey and Azerbaijan: peace and stability in the South Caucasus will only come when Karabakh is freed from the occupation,” he said.

As a result of the operations carried out by the Azerbaijani army, the Armenian troops, who suffered losses in the direction of Gubadli, were forced to withdraw from significant heights and some positions.

The Armenian military reportedly fired ballistic missiles at the Azerbaijani provinces of Siyezen, Gebele and Kurdemir.

Among the soldiers of the 155th Artillery Regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces located in the direction of khojavend were reported to have suffered a large number of casualties.

Azerbaijan Defense Ministry statement, today around 07: 00 local time 3 siyezen province, around 09: 00 Gebele Province 2, Kurdemir province 1 missile was launched, it was said.

Azerbaijan continues its operations to reclaim its territory under Armenian occupation with determination.

The missiles were fired from Armenian territory, and civilians were targeted. There were no casualties in the attacks, the statement said.

October 21 October during the day and October 22 in the morning, operations continued in the direction of Agdere-Agdam, Fuzuli-Jabrayil and Zangilan-Gubadli, the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan said in a statement.

In a statement, as a result of operations by the Azerbaijani army, Armenian troops in the direction of gubadly, who suffered heavy losses he was forced to withdraw from some positions of significant height and also in the direction of Khojavand 155th among the soldiers of the Artillery Regiment of the Armenian armed forces from the number of casualties reported.

As a result of the fire in the defensive area of the 543rd Regiment, there were significant casualties among the soldiers belonging to Armenia.

The regimental commander was wounded in the clashes, while his deputy, battalion commander Araik Hovakimyan and his aides and unit commanders were killed.

Some of the military vehicles belonging to Armenia seized by the Azerbaijani army. Russian-made personnel and cargo carriers belonging to the Armenian army were brought to a military base in Yevlah, Azerbaijan.

According to information provided by a military official in the Azerbaijani army, military vehicles were seized in the village of Talish, connected to Sugovushan, which is occupied by Armenia. Armenian soldiers left behind a large number of vehicles and ammunition during the operation, the official said, adding that the vehicles brought to the base were some of the spoils seized.

Documents, uniforms, mail, helmets and personal supplies belonging to Armenian soldiers are also included in the vehicles seized during the operation.

“The heroic Azerbaijani army liberated the villages of Gecegozlu, lower Seyitahmetli and Zerger of Fuzuli province, Belend, Papi, Tulus, Hacili and Tinli of Gabriel province from the occupation. Long Live the Azerbaijani army. Karabakh is Azerbaijan, ” he said.

Ilham Aliyev reported that the town of Mincivan in Zangilan province and the villages of Hurama, Humarli, Sarıl, Babaylı, third Agali, Hacallı, Girah Mushlan, Üdgün, Turabad, Yardım Müşlan, Melikli, Cahangirbeyli and Baharli were saved in another share.

The Azerbaijani army had liberated 3 cities, 1 Town, 95 villages and a number of strategic heights from occupation in the operation it launched in Nagorno-Karabakh on September 27.