Yerevan, Armenia – The Armenian army suffered another blow when Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan declared that “everyone should hold their weapons”. Azerbaijan captured a large number of tanks belonging to Armenia in Karabakh.

Fierce fighting continues on the front line, which began on September 27 when the occupying Armenian army opened fire on civilian settlements in Azerbaijan. This agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which had previously signed a ceasefire twice in Moscow under the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was not permanent. Armenia had violated both ceasefires by launching missile attacks on civilians.

Heavy casualties
Azerbaijan Army, Armenian army 5. the destroyer Regiment captured its positions and a large number of weapons and ammunition there, while a large number of soldiers were neutralized. A large number of dead and wounded were also reported among the personnel of the 6th and 7th destroyer regiments of the Armenian army.

In the clashes, three artillery batteries and several mortars and three trucks carrying personnel were destroyed by the Azerbaijani army. It was noted that the Azerbaijani army held control throughout the entire front.

“Everyone must hold a gun”
On the other hand, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made statements about the ongoing Karabakh war with Azerbaijan and called for “arming”.

Here is Pashinyan’s explanation of the victory of the Azerbaijani army as follows::

“There is no diplomatic solution to the problem at this stage. Everyone must take up arms and protect their homeland. We only have 2 options, victory or defeat. There is another option. Without Karabakh, there will be no Armenia”

Over 100 settlements liberated from occupation
So far, more than 60 Azerbaijani civilians have been killed and 291 civilians have been injured in Armenia’s attacks on civilian settlements.

The Azerbaijani army counterattacked after Armenia’s attacks on September 27. To date, over 100 settlements have been liberated from occupation.